WeatherMan - Biome skifter

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WeatherMan - Biome skifter

Post by Zicy »

Hey vil lige forslå dette plugin jeg er faldet over: WeatherMan.

Dette kan skifte biomes ved at fx vælge et område med WorldEdit

• Change biome around you with command
• Change biome in a round area with "magic-wand"
• Change biome in an area defined by WorldEdit region
• Control biome changing (toglle two biomes) with sign controlled by redstone power
• Check biome in a your location
• Limit the maximum radius of the biome changes (defined by command, wand and sign)
• Melt snow and ice when changes to "warm" biome
• Show smoke effect in area while changing biome
• Preventing snow-forming and ice-forming in defined biomes.

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Re: WeatherMan - Biome skifter

Post by xcanner »

Test jeg lige på test serveren ved lejlighed, det sidste biome program jeg testede var knap så godt.
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Re: WeatherMan - Biome skifter

Post by EMIGoLD »

Håber det virker, så kan vi slippe af med alle de swamp biomes i spawn :D
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